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We sell barcode scanners and other similar devices. We provide products to a range of shops, including many supermarkets. With the rise of Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s in recent decades, the need for shops to own barcode-scanning devices has increased substantially.

As people live more busy lives, supermarkets have gradually increased in popularity. This means the market has increased hugely too, putting great demand on these franchises to use the very best technology to cope with their high level of turnover.

We have a wide range of devices. In our experience, most shops are not technically minded and really want to focus on what they do best - building their retail business. We are a team of trusted professionals that can provide a full and comprehensive service for all your requirements rather than you having to deal with multiple vendors. We make it easier to tackle purchasing in this industry. And, we will also advise you on all aspects of scanning, to help ensure more customers visit your shop more often, and buy more goods.

We have much knowledge and experience, but our small size means we are highly cost-effective compared to larger players, whilst delivering equal or higher levels of customer service.

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Welcome to our barcode scanning consulting provides technology and integration solutions

Our barcode scanning consulting provides technology and integration solutions to clients who want to make their technology more flexible and better aligned to their business goals. We offer services that include; the efficient and effective provisioning of technology, mission critical technology environments that deliver project ROI, flexible resources and architecture strategy and design.

Our business has risen recently with the appearance of self-checkout devices which use a similar barcode system to those used at an employee-run checkout. However, these devices need to be specifically tailored to customers who are not trained in using barcode machines. This means that they need to be easier to use.

As well as selling products from our suppliers, we offer advice for shops. If you have any information you want to know about the below, please do search through our site or ask us questions:

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